Harmonizing Alignment Process

Our world works in complete harmony. Our breath and heartbeat, the ebbs and flows of the tides and changes in the season, remind us of life's natural patterns. As we grow in our mother's womb, we live perfectly with our natural rhythms.

However, the stresses and strains of modern life have caused us to lose connection with our natural patterns. We are preoccupied with impulse, desire and expectations.

We have disconnected from our natural rhythms. One in three of us live with stress, anxiety or depression. Like hamsters on a wheel, the more we do, the more miserable we become. There is never enough time, enough money or enough energy.

Change is possible! Many crave a new way of living; we seek meaning and deeper connections with our friends, family and nature. We long to be accessible to enjoy the experience of being alive.

Created by Dawn Breslin, the Harmonizing Alignment Process is a 10-week transformation coaching programme to help you find the clarity and confidence you need to restore your passion for life. It will help you move forward with energy and confidence, becoming more aligned with who you are.

The process is a lifestyle and well-being coaching system involving deep personal enquiry and lifestyle assessment. It will help you prioritise your self-care and create the space to flourish and grow. We will work together to develop your self-awareness and confidence, inspiring you to live the life you want, motivating you to succeed, building the courage to live fully, and moving into your natural rhythm, thriving rather than just surviving.

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